A Place No One Can Find

There’s nothing I want
No diamonds, no pearls
No love, no piece of heart
Cause with all these things on mind
Can’t enjoy my life
But all I dream is of a place
A place that is lost somewhere
Where no one could find me no where
A place with
No light, no sunshine
Only me n my moonlit skies
With my only beloved in the heart
Where thoughts and memories of any other
Can’t even run on my mind
Where everything is calm and quiet
Where me and only loneliness resides
Where everything seems right
No tensions on the mind
Where the dreams can’t even reach
The place, the place, the place
No one can find………………………

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Zindagi:A Flow of Water

Zindagi ki bhi ajeeb kahani hai,
jaise jharno mein behtaa paani hai,
kbi aansu kbi khushi hai zindgi,
kbi pyaar kbi mohbat kbi nfrt hai zindgi,
kbi hassna kabi rona hai zindgi,
kbi maa baap hain zindgi,
kbi koi aur bn jata hai zindgi,
kbi raaton ko jaag sapne sajona hai zindgi,
kbi sote hue b jaagna hai zindgi,
kbi muskura kar drd sehna hai zindgi,
kbi drd ko dost bna lena hai zindgi,
kya kahu yaaro bade rng badalti hai zindgi,

Credits:Deepy Sharma

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Yaad rakehenge tumko sadaa

voh tere mere vaade,
voh pyar ki baatein,
jo they apne iraade,
yaad rakhenge unko sadaa,
kaise bhula payenge,
voh pyar ki kasmein,
voh duniya ki rasmein,
voh sanjoye hue sapne,
voh gumsum si yaadein,
yaad rakhenge unko sadaa,
tum ho jaan se pyari,
ho duniya humari,
voh hansi tumhari,
voh chaand sa chehra,
voh rang sunehra,
kaise bhulayenge batlao jara,
kaliyon si khili tum,
kyun ho itni manchali tum,
ho koi kahaani,
ya pariyon ki raani,
ya sapno ki duniya se aayi koi deewani,
ho kaun tum batlao bhala,
yaad rakhenge tunko sadaa,

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