Cry of a Lass

Dowry is not mere an evil, it is the mother of many evils.
An another challenge to our beautyful lyf:

Boys, please don’t demand dowry
I also want to marry
Marriage is a union of two souls
On this occasion why do you want only money bowls
Your greed is making this holy union a business
Unaccomplishment of your demands causes a great fuss
You are the cause of female foeticide
Why are you so inhumane & blind
We are now self-dependent
Living in four walls of home is an old trend
Mend your fault
Heed to my cry
So we can together say we are proud be Indians


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6 Responses to Cry of a Lass

  1. Right, we must do everything to erase this evil from our society. Very well written.

  2. Aakash Goyal says:

    nice point himanshu
    you always have something informative 🙂

  3. Taren Ashner says:

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  4. Derek Zombro says:

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