Satyamev Jayate: Truth alone Prevails

Satyamev jayate is an upcoming  TV show going to be aired on Star Plus. It is a type of talk show hosted by Aamir Khan, the most sensational actor of Indian Cinema. The show seems to be based on social issues related to common man. Aamir described it as ‘his most ambitious project’ and due to his commitment to the show, his long awaited movie Talaash’s release dates were postponed. The show will also be dubbed in four other languages viz. Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada. The star says that the reality show will create history by becoming the first ever programme to go live simultaneously on a private channel and national broadcaster DD1. As we are all aware of  Aamir’s love and commitment towards the country, this is just an another specimen. The show is going to be aired on Star Plus on May 6, 11 am. Since i am very excited about the show, so i will also refer you all. The theme song  ‘Satyamev Jayate‘ is on full heights. Its all a treat of Aamir for the common man who expects a full-too entertainment.
Post your comments here if you are also eager to watch the show.


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2 Responses to Satyamev Jayate: Truth alone Prevails

  1. Hi..i m 2nd yer MBBS student nd yor programme named sataymev jayate is awesome…my whole family liked it..again aamirkhan,u hve rocked on television..proud f u..

    • hims says:

      yup i also watched the show, it was really awesome, but not only watching the show will solve the problems, we will all have to stand up against these social evils

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