Exam Sheet Or Life Sheet

Why today only the mark sheet matters? Isn’t there any value of a guy or his moral qualities? Today a man is only judged by his mark sheet or his money power? Marksheet is given more priority for judging teenagers and the students. Do these few numbers really matters? One with more digits is considered best out of bests and the one with lower digits is useless and inferior. In fact our society thinks he has no right to live or survive in the society. Who are they to give us right to live or not? Actually such people must be kicked out of society. Do you also think so? People starts hating such guys n girls. The victims are suppressed to such an extent that they afraid of facing others. The only option left for them is to end their life and many of them do the same. We are today face to face with such acts. They are happening all around. But still we are in a sound sleep. Many of the articles, movies, and psychologists has presented this concept earlier, today I am also with but the society and the people are like stubborn mountains which will never move. Now guys its our time, we will have to make them move. We are not useless. We can do wonders and we will. You people change your attitude otherwise we will change you. Last but not the least to these mountains:
we don’t need tumhara bhashan
don’t need your information
ki hum yahan kaise jiyein
Change is the rule of nature and they will have to change themselves, their thinking and their attitude……….
I hope you will also stand up against this oppression. Like n comment if u agree………………..


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6 Responses to Exam Sheet Or Life Sheet

  1. shilpa garg says:

    awesum. . . 🙂

  2. goyalaakash says:

    did not knew that blogging with me will inspire you so much

  3. hims says:

    great people always leave an impression on others aakash

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